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After 20 years divorcing couples, Attorney Stefani Quane is now committed to assisting 1,000 clients draft useful and proactive Prenuptial Agreements. "After years of divorce, I realized the best way to help married people have a good divorce is to start the marriage with a good prenuptial agreement." It helps if the parties have planned a fair exit strategy in advance (just in case) and have addressed hidden money expectations so that money problems don't develop over time. Money is a leading cause of divorce and a prenuptial agreement, plus post-marriage property agreements, can avoid bitterness over differences in financial management styles.



Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement legal work includes:

  • Consults to educate you on the hidden marriage contract embedded in Washington family laws that will apply to you once married.
  • Drafting the best prenuptial agreement with terms specific to your needs.
  • Unlimited revisions.
  • Flat fee rates targeted to sophistication level of your legal matter.
  • Post-nuptial community property agreements as new issues arise after marriage.
  • Conflict resolution and mediation if troubles arise after marriage concerning your prenuptial agreement.

Many people enter marriage with no understanding of how Washington community property laws will govern their finances lives. The prenuptial process can smoke out a con-artist lover. A good prenup can lock the parties into a conflict resolution protocol that will curtail irrational early litigation by angry spouses. If you spend $25,000 on a wedding, you should consider spending $2,000 to have a prenuptial agreement in case things don't work out as planned.



I make sure that when negotiating prenuptial agreements, to be respectful and treat all parties with kindness. I don't ever want to be the lawfirm that blows up the wedding because our efforts at negotation are too aggressive. I also work hard to stay up on the latest law about prenuptial agreements, so you get the maximum level of security with our prenuptial agreements. So far, we have not had any of our prenuptial agreement challenged.






Lawlady, Inc. divorce and legal separation solutions tend to be non-court interventions to reduce your legal fees and keep stress low during dissolution of a marriage. It's our experience that out-of-court solutions are the best for couples and families when the conflict levels are mild to medium. Deals you craft yourself are often more customized to the values of each party.



Even high conflict couples can benefit from a no-court approach to resolving divorce and legal separation through the collaborative law team approach. This model helps higher conflict couples move to problem solving and break out of chronic conflict patterns. It's cheaper than litigation which can be a costly conflict resolution process.



For the highest of conflict cases, such as parental alienation cases, we rely on experts knowledgeable in this rare and painful family dynamic. Divorcing a narcissist, a person with borderline personality disorder, or an addiction can be rough. We are current on the latest trends for advising high conflict couples.


Divorce and Legal Separation legal work includes:

  • Divorce legal advice to clients proceeding as pro se without an attorney.
  • Full Legal Representation of all family law issues
  • Collaborative Divorce- A no-court team approach to divorce where the parties share the cost of neutral professionals like a certified divorce financial analyst, parenting coach, or business evaluator.
  • Divorce Mediation, with or without attorneys
  • Representing clients going through mediation
  • Child Support agreements and modifications
  • Parenting Plans agreements and modifications
  • Alimony (Spousal Maintenance)
  • QDROs (Qualified Domestic Relations Orders)
  • Drafting all divorce legal documents from beginning to end
  • Temporary Motions, and trial preparation
  • Parental Alienation and Parental Estrangement issues
  • High conflict divorce matters including motions for contempt
  • Domestic Violence Protection Orders and Restraining Orders
  • Resolving cohabitation disputes and breakups
  • Relocation legal process for mover and person objecting to move
  • Family conflict intervention meetings and group consensus building
  • Dissolutions involving cannabis, addiction and mental illness issues
  • Sacred conflict resolution and divorce closure ceremonies

What is Lawlady, Inc.'s Holistic Legal Approach?

Holistic law is about seeing legal issues in terms of the larger perspective and drawing from many modalities and trainings for interventions, not just focusing on the legal aspect of a case. Family law issues are personal and private. Conflicts may be the result of multi-generational dysfunction, and clashes in family cultures. People in conflict may have other issues such as mental health problems or financial difficulties. When lawyers approach client services with a view that the client is a whole person and this one issue is a reflection of larger family patterns, we can get to deeper healing, the origin of the issue, and better outcomes.


Just as holistic doctors treat the whole person and not just a symptom, holistic attorneys strive to get to root causes of conflict and offer lasting solutions that move the people involved to a happier plateau. Holistic attorneys strive to keep family relationships intact even through divorce so that there is a future available for shared graduations, holidays, and baby showers with both parents present.


A holistic method of drafting prenuptial agreements includes advising couples to create a financial mission statement and including "conscious contracting" language in agreements identifying the couple's core values and plans for living within the shared agreement.

Lawlady, Inc. has a Variety of Allied Professionals to Serve You

Our client cases are staffed up or down depending on your needs. We can add a variety of independent and in-house professionals to your case. Some of us have been working together 20 years now. These extra divorce professionals might include:

  • certified divorce financial planner,
  • parenting expert,
  • divorce coach,
  • data case manager
  • business evaluator,
  • realtor,
  • decluttering/ moving expert,
  • personal concierge, paralegal,
  • anger management consultant,
  • addiction specialist,
  • accountant, and
  • a long list of healing practitioners to help you address the emotional crisis of divorce.

Our professionals work as a team and provide just the right level of service you need.


The Sacred Element of Divorce

Legal Separation and Divorce are legal processes involving your legal status, your money, your future financial situation, your living arrangements, parenting, child support, spousal support, immigration issues, and the condition you will be in when you step into your new phase of life.


These are also an emotional journey, a psychological transition, and a spiritual break. We at Lawlady, Inc. see your experience as a sacred transaction. We honor this important life passage with small rituals together when it's appropriate and that fit your belief system and preferences. We are experienced guides during your break-up and are a sensitive human witness during your rite of passage.


For prenuptial agreement, we like to incorporate sweet touches, so that your business process of drafting a prenup still has the feeling of love, romance and heart connection.