Family Law Overview

Pre-Divorce Consulting

Plan your exit strategy. Leave the session educated as to how the law will apply to you and your range of likely outcomes. Clients report these sessions reduce stress of the unknown. Stefani Quane offers a value packed one-shot session. These sessions are paid sessions. You can have a free initial consult for 20 minutes by phone too.

Pro-Se Legal Assistance, you act as your own attorney

Come in and between 1-2 hours we'll hash out your divorce, come up with viable strategies. In this session we can prepare the initial filing papers for you to sign and file yourself. Stefani Quane has a skill at leading people who want to do their divorce by themselves. She coaches you on the divorce process and provides templates for you to modify to save money and have greater control of the experience. You can supplement with the family law facilitator's office services. Or, come back for more one-on-one sessions with Ms. Quane.

Legal Advice and Negotiation

Some clients pay a retainer and then we resolve the case during negotiating with the other side. This can be a streamlined way to work through the many issues and give you some legal support without the comprehensive approach of the collaborative method. This services is part of the flat fee service or you can pay off an initial retainer.

Flat-Fee Full-Service Divorce Packages

We custom craft a flat-fee full-service divorce packages for the work you need done. This includes a start to finish package, and all the legal documents to get divorced . This packages includes the legal fees to attend a mediated settlement conference. Mediator fees are extra. We assist you prepare the mediation binder that gains points with the mediator and sets the narrative for your divorce and creates financial tables that show the financial plan you feel is fair. We prepare a parenting plan and child support worksheet and order for this package.. Call to inquire what flat-fee packages works for you and the pricing. This is our most popular legal service. We provide upbeat service with a personal touch to make this a reasonably-priced and friendly option for the clients who are experiencing modest to moderate divorce conflict.

Collaborative Non-Court Legal Intervention

Divorce can be messy with scary financial situations, tough emotions, and hard choices to make, especially around parenting. Divorce is a time when couple's fighting peaks. The Collaborative Divorce method was developed in Minnesota and has spread to an international practice. Stefani Quane was the first collaboratively trained lawyer in Washington and trained the first wave of collaborative processionals. The collaborative approach in a team approach where you agree upfront not to go to court and you will share experts like parenting coach, parenting case manager, or a certified divorce financial planner. You work through issues in a series of meetings. This method was designed to help moderately to severely conflicted families grow skills during the divorce, reach win/win outcomes and avoid getting quagmired in pricey court proceedings that cause trauma and stress. The Collaborative process can be more expensive but it's usually less costly, both in terms of money and emotional distress, than litigation. The process is useful at helping moderately to highly conflicted people divorce with greater awareness, compassion, and wisdom with less unproductive fighting. It's an excellent option in lieu of a full-court approach.

Litigated Divorce Services

Our litigation approach is to be clever and out of the box when going to court so that you have the opportunity to catch the judges attention and win the court order you want. We always encourage our client to take reasonable positions with the court to avoid the commissioner or judge making a snap decision you are the bad actor. Court is always a wild-card decision and this is why we advocate for no-court solutions in lieu of court. But if you must go to court, we take the position that you are there is be victorious and put forth a compelling narrative supported by good evidence to show why you deserve to prevail. Ms. Quane is excellent at speaking on her feet in court. She's had courtroom education, training and experience for 33 years, plus years of professional and school theatre roles before that. She has completed the Toastmasters series and spent several years as an associate member of the Washington Speakers Association.

Mediation between Divorcing Couples

Stefani Quane serves as mediator between couples. She loves rolling up her sleeves and helping couple find agreements that resolve the issues. She provides a choice between a shuttle settlement conference style in two rooms, and transformative mediation style in one room. She practices a dual loyalty approach so each party feels heard and understood. She's exceptionally gifted at translating what one person is saying into language the other person can grasp. She is also good at driving parties to a final settlement so that when the mediation is over the parties feel complete. She also represents one side at a mediation as well. Ms. Quane and you will discuss the deeper issues at play while the mediator is out of the room and she will help you mature as a person so you are making choices from your highest and best self.

Divorce Coaching

Sometimes you need a cheerleader, advisor, mentor and coach to help you be your best during this stressful transition of divorce or legal separation. Ms. Quane serves as a divorce coach in cases where the client is represented by another law firm or doing the legal work themselves. Some clients add a coaching package with Ms. Quane or her trained associates onto the basic flat-fee legal divorce package.

Family Conflict Interventions and Parenting Case Management

Sometimes the best way to move a family forward during the divorce process is to have a deep intervention where the lawyer talks to everyone and comes up with a solid plan that fits everyone's needs. This is a type of parenting case management. Sometimes an all-family meeting is held to get the parties onto the same page. This type of parenting case management is the forward edge of family law practice. You will be hearing more about this type of service as the years go by. Sometimes you need a referee on the case and Ms. Quane and her team does a great job with this service. Two facilitators are recommended for high conflict situations.

Modification of Parenting Plans, Child Support Orders and Relocation Actions

The modification process can be almost as tiresome and pricey as the original divorce. We like to start the process with a great opening settlement letter to see if we can drive a settlement without having to do this multi-step legal process. Sometimes the cost of modifying isn't worth the legal fees. We will be honest with you about the cost-benefit analysis of filing such a claim. We are clever in our approach to gathering evidence and think we have some good methods that help you prove you deserve to move, to have more parenting time or to pay less or get more child support.

Pre-Marriage Legal Counseling

Learn the laws that will apply if you marry. Learn about the changes to the applicable laws you can make by entering a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement. Learn ways to divorce-proof your marriage with good financial and conflict resolution agreements in place from the onset.

Prenuptial Agreements

We offer a comprehensive package that represents your needs if you are the drafting party or the responding party. It's best to start your prenup 60-days before the wedding and to sign it at least 30-days before your ceremony to make it most valid and enforceable in Washington . Flat-rate billing rates may apply.

Postnuptial Agreements

Spouses may sign binding contracts after marriage. We assist you with that process. Postnuptial agreements can protect you from financial liability for a spouse and to clarify who owns an asset.

Living Together Agreements

Couples and Conflict Mediation

We facilitate and mediate conflict resolution processes for conflicted couples. Conflict can be painful and debilitating. Our services help you break through stuck points and get back to interacting in a less hostile, more productive way. We expand your vision for what is possible and assist you begin acting out of new peaceful patterns. Through micro-agreements, you build a path to happier outcomes.

FAQs about Billing

We offer some flat fee packages and some people chose to pay per session at an hourly rate. Some sliding scale and payment plans are offered. Call 206-932-9699 for your free 20- minute consult today. See what services are a match.

Elements of a Sacred Divorce

Reflection and Self Care

Even if you don't want to: drink lots of water and and walk outside in the fresh air everyday. You must treat yourself well.


As we transition out of one phase of life into the next, it's best to treat this time as a time of decluttering. Let go of what shouldn't be carried forward into your new dream and vision of life. Don't pack around stuff as if you are the curator to a private marriage museum.

Principles of feng shui advocate for cleaning up your possessions as a good way to clean up your thinking and feelings.

Find New Allies

Sometimes people you don't know are the ones best able to support you the most profoundly during break up transition. That's what happens when we leave the familiar for the unknown. Open yourself to the possibility of loving allies and the fact your regular friends and family may be suffering and won't be good at supporting you.

Sometimes a good ally is found in a good book or podcast. Online support is still support.

Find New Dreams

Life is lived best when you have an inspired story to live for. The deepest seeds of story emerge slowly. Look for clues in what attracts and pulls your attention. What is calling you from deep below or high above? Who and what do you want to be and do next with your precious life?

Plan a Ceremony

Do you recall ever feeling a wonderful, resonance at a holiday or at a special meal at a loved one's home. This happens when life is particularly meaningful, poignant, or harmonious. We can facilitate these transcendence experiences by purposely planning a ceremony or ritual to honor life. Even if we are feeling cruddy to begin with. A ritual or ceremony can draw forth our highest self and help us rise above divorce pain.

Say Goodbye

Take time together with your dearly departing partner to express gratitude and honor for the loving times you shared together. Say goodbye with grace, tenderness and honesty. The best post-divorce couples and family's take the time to appreciate what was good about the past and honor their spouse with words of kindness, depth and heart. Be the first to apologize and accept responsibility for your shortcomings during the marriage.

Be Alone

It is essential when we are transitioning through a great life change to be kind to yourself and spend as much time as you need alone out of the eyes of the world. Accept loneliness and find comfort in activities you love doing or feel an urge to do. Like Sleeping.

Retell Your Story

Imagine being in the pre-life place watching from above before diving into this new life you have now. How did you get to where you are now? From that pre-life spring board what makes sense about your current divorce? How can you put this break up in context of your larger life mission and journey?

Feel All Your Feelings

Feelings are good, even bad ones. Feelings sometimes take an extremely long time to release but they will eventually move on if you feel them, acknowledge them and treat them with dignity and honor. Acting out our feelings safely in a contained situation is a good way to get them to move along quicker. Try journaling, or aggressively chopping some wood.

Waiting for the New Beginning

Each relationship death is a new beginning. Like seeds, we often don't see the work of birthing the new. Seeds ferment and sprout in the unseen cold, wet, and dark. Just like new phases of life, can you be patient with what is to emerge before you fully know it is arriving? What great welcoming can you give your new life? How can you leave room for something wonderful to be planted into the garden of your life?

Laugh at Your Cosmic Joke

Divorce is like a cosmic joke we play on ourselves. We entered a loving bond and now its gone. We hoped for connection and then lost it. It's such a sad twist and in reality you made some mistakes in that relationship. Maybe many. How can we live with such horror that we created situations that lead to a break up? Laughter is a good way. Can you at least laugh about your mistakes now? Maybe that relationship wasn't meant to last and that's the joke on us. Maybe you don't need to take that lost love so seriously. Maybe that relationship had a natural shelf life that has expired.

Deeply Learn

Relationships teach us lessons. What can you learn from this one that is ending? What did you do well? What in your relationship repertoire needs improvement? What new skills do you need to develop? What should you never do again? Why her/him? Why now? What next? What do you know now that you didn't know then? What would you tell your younger self? What does your older self want you to know now? So many questions to journal about or to explore with a friend or your therapist. This is a good time to dig through the rubble for wise insights.